As the Italian GP in Malcesine reaches its final day Michael Zankel, Diogo Pereira and Joao Matos Rosa in Easy (POR 90) have an 8 point lead over former World Champion Klaus DIEDERICHS in Fever (GBR 819) , crewed by James Antony LEA and Ruairi SCOTT who have 29 points.

The Portuguese team’s consistent set of results (6,3,3,3,6 with a 9 discarded) is remarkable in the conditions experienced on Lake Garda over the past 3 days. Most teams have struggled to find such consistency. For example, third-placed Sapphire GER 1221 (Jan WOORTMAN, Caspar DOHSE, and Markus KAY0 on 32 points is counting two race wins but has to carry a 12 and 13 with a 21 discarded.

With two more races scheduled today we look forward to an exciting climax to this Grand Prix.