BEL 80 “Blackout” has won the Belgium Open Championship for the second year running, helmed by Ben Van Cauwenbergh, crewed by Manu Hens and Thibaud Den Hartigh. In 2nd place overall was the new “Alfie” GBR 785 helmed by Tim Tavinor who pushed Ben to the limit over this 6 race series. Tim who was crewed by Thomas and Nicola Wilton, knew he had to finish ahead of BEL 80 on the last race as they were on equal points. Tim said “It was another great regatta in which we showed good speed, but at times found the race mark’s difficult to see, however Ben and his team deserved their win”.

3rd overall was NED 345 helmed by Reinier Wissenraet, crewed by Pim ten Harmsen and Marc Reijnhoudt, who sailed very well with consistent results.

Higher, Faster, Longer…………   Stavros.



Higher, Faster, Longer………………  Stavros.