Yes my friends after 5 races the Grand Prix Guyader overall standings could not be closer. After another two races, we have the top three boats, all within 2 points of each other, with just one day remaining.

As it stands GER 1133 “Sinewave” Helmed by Tommy Muller and crewed by the Bavarian “Dream Team” Hoesch and Lipp lead on 15 points. In 2nd place (on the same number of points) is GER 11 “Billy Boy” helmed by Marcus Brennecke and right behind them is the top Transbunker helmsman of UKR 7 Marcus Wieser, who is on 17 points…..

With the 4th placed boat on 28 points it is for sure that the winner will come from one of these top teams. I hope the PRO decides to stick to just one race on the final day, as to try to squeeze in two races and the lifting out of all 59 boats, is just too much of a rush.  I’ve seen it tried before and it was a disaster, with too short races, short first beat’s and loads of very expensive damage…

So lets all enjoy the party tonight and the traditional “Lottery” that gives everyone a chance to go home with some super prizes and let the final day have just the one proper race to see who will lift the Grand Prix Guyader Trophy………

Leading the Corinthian Sailors overall is FRA 309 Gerrard Blanc from the Yacht Club de Cannes. Gerrard has really improved his game over the past few seasons and stands to finish in the top 10 of this highly competitive and mainly professional fleet.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….   Stavros.   (GER 1102).





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