photoCorinthian Champions GER 1144 “Sapphire”, Soenke Bruhns, Jan Woortman & Rainer Goerge.

Deauville Yacht Club (sponsored by the mergers and acquisitions firm “LINKERS”) held the first ever Corinthian “Only” Championship last weekend and it was won by a very good team from Germany, helmed by Jan Woortman, crewed by Soenke Bruhns and Rainer Goerge in “Sapphire” GER 1144.

However, this excellent team did not have it all their own way as they were pushed to the very limit by “Tigger” GBR 799 helmed by Martin Paulson(SWE)  crewed by Nicola & Thomas Wilton, who just lost out on count back!

In 3rd place overall was GBR 763 “Bertie” helmed by Simon Barter from Cowes, crewed by Donald Wilkes and Edwards Martins who finished 4pts behind on 11pts. It was a great event despite loosing two of the 4 days due to light or no wind. Try as he may, the brilliant French PRO Yves Leglise could not conjure up wind, but he did managed to get in a series of 4 races, which allowed for one discard. Both “Sapphire” and “Tigger” ended on 7pts, but with Jan Woortman having two 1st places, he took the title….

This was a fantastic event and so many of the competitors have contacted me to say how much they enjoyed Deauville and the Corinthian “Only” Sailing. Next year we will “probably” hold the event in Germany, venue and dates to be decided. However, there is no doubt that the support is out there for such an event and it is hoped that the 2nd Corinthian Championship will attract 50+ boats…..

In closing and on behalf of the 23 boats competing boats we wish to thank Eric Labon and his many helpers and volunteers at the Deauville Yacht Club, with Yves Leglise PRO and Tony O’Gorman Head of Jury, it was always going to be a great event….. 

Final words from the winner Jan Woortman “This has been a great experience and a pleasure to sail in and I look forward to it becoming a permanent fixture on the Dragon Circuit. Wherever it is sailed…we will be there”!!

Higher, Faster, Longer………….   Stavros.