SORRY – HERE IS A CORRECTION TO OUR EARLIER ANNOUNCEMENT! – Jens Christensen, Kim Andersen and Anders Bagger of Denmark have won the 2011 Dragon European Championship in a thrilling final race showdown. ¬†Germany’s Markus Wieser, Mattias Paschen and Sergey Pugachev have taken second place with the Ukraine’s Evgeny Braslavetz, crewed by Segey Timokhov and Olexandr Myrchuk third and Germany’s Tommy Mueller, Vincent Hoesch and Micky Lipp fourth.

Martin Paisson of Sweden sailing with Goran Alam and Johan Noren claims the European Corinthian Championship with Jan Bakker of the Netherlands sailing with Dominic Bakker and Olivier Bakker second and Ben Van Cauwengergh of Belgium crewed by Manu Hens and Thibaud Den Hartigh in third.

Formal report, full results, photos and video to follow soon.

Special thanks to BMW whose X5 and X6 vehicles are currently doing sterling work moving all the trailers and boats around to and from the crane.