When Louis Urvois had a dream to bring Dragon Racing to his beloved home town of Douarnenez, not even he could have hoped for such success over the past 13yrs….. The event is the Premier Regatta on everyone’s calendar and this week we will see the World’s Best Dragon Sailors battle it out for the Golden Prize, to win the Douarnenez Grand Prix.

Sadly Louis is unable to take part this year and he his greatly missed, so we all send him our heartfelt wishes.  However, his desire is for the continued success of this fantastic event which has never been more exciting or had so many of the very best taking part. Welcome to the real “World Championship” Vincent Hoesch called it yesterday, as everyone is here…..  well almost everyone!   The other missing person is “The Man” Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen, who is mainly responsible for the development of this extraodinary “One Design” keel boat class. PR is sailing a rather larger boat (in excess of 100 foot), back in his new home base of Antigua so we all wish him & Sophia well and continued success.

So Two great Men Missing, but for the rest “Game On”…….  Can the current World Champion Lawrie Smith, sailing with (New Petticrow Boss) Tim Tavinor and the next candidate for London Mayor, Ossie Simon Stewart…  hold the rest at bay ??  Since winning the worlds in Australia last year, Lawrie has not been seen much, but with a 3rd place in the final race of the Coup de Bretange, he is certainly up for the challenge.  Or can Jens Christensen, winner of the first regatta and current European Champion take the title and prove that the old saying of “never win the practice race” is just an old wives tale…..  🙂

With so many Top and I mean Top class teams here about to take part, I can tell you, there has never been a more competitive and challenging time to be racing a Dragon !!!!!

Higher, Faster, Longer……        Stavros.    (USA 310).