12672113_1062247990515697_1564077175726513633_o (1)Louis wins yet “another” race in FRA 365 “Ar Youleg II”, with Gwen & Sebastian.

12472577_563962860451157_115693851635612057_n (2)In 2006 Louis Urvois (left) passed the Gold Cup responsibilities to German Gil March for 2007.

It is with sadness in all our hearts that we have lost Mr Louis Urvois, who passed away on March 29th surrounded by his much loved Family…..Wife Kersti, son’s Louis and Yves, daughter’s Claudia and Tania…

183396_4867339119_603_n (2)                   The Urvois…….Claudia, Tania, Kersti, Louis jr, Yves and Louis.

“King” Louis legacy in the Dragon World will be the incredible work,  support, commitment and organisation of the Douarnenez Grand Prix which first began in 2000. Now in it’s 16th year the Guyader Grand Prix will take place May 4th to 7th, where I am sure many Dragon Sailors and friends will join to show their respect and appreciation, if possible, by attending the event.

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(left) Louis wins a race in DZ, just ahead of Ted Sawyer. (right) Powering up wind in FRA 365).

Louis loved his Dragon sailing and burst onto the International scene at the World Championship, Martinique, 1999 in his beautiful cold moulded FRA 300. Then in May 2000 the first of the Douarnenez Grand Prix’s began where around 100 boats took part in an amazing regatta, with the added attraction of a “Lottery” prize of a brand new Petticrows Dragon!

Two years ago Louis invited a number of us up to his beautiful house on the coast of Douarnenez, that was designed mainly in glass, by his daughter Tania. Although Louis was feeling unwell and could not join us outside below is the photo taken on that evening, during the Grand Prix.

1916657_1047122218643248_130503480779546877_n (2)A number of Dragon Sailors enjoying a very pleasant evening at Louis House in Douarnenez.

Louis was a great “Ambassador” for the Dragon Class and a true Gentleman. He was a great Man with a big heart and he will be sadly missed but never forgotten………

R.I.P.  “King Louis”………         Stavros.