Yes, Yes, Yes, it’s true fellow sailors, this weekend we are spoilt for choice as no less than three “Grade 2” Championships are taking place! In no particular order we have the Irish Nationals in Kinsale, the Finnish Nationals in Helsinki and our first ever “Corinthian” Championship in Deauville……

As I will be racing in Kinsale, I will bring you up to date results and happenings from the beautiful Irish Town set in the county of Cork. Also our IDA Secretary, Thomas Wilton will keep me posted on the goings on at our first Corinthian “only” event, as he will be racing with his Wife Nicky in their new “Tigger”in Deauville..

Meanwhile if any of you Northern European Sailors would be kind enough to report back to me from Helsinki, then I will try to cover all three International Dragon events ………  Where will you be ??

Higher, Faster, Longer………  Stavros.  (GBR 585 in Kinsale).