The venue for the Gold Cup 2024 provided a challenging test for 17 competitors with 7 races over four days 24 – 27 August.

Race Officer Con Murphy (who will officiate at the Grade 1 in Dublin and the Gold Cup in Kinsale in 2024) completed the scheduled 7 races in a variety of conditions from 5 to 25 knots. The Irish fleet was augmented by the presence of Dave Tabb in True Story GBR 818 who gave the local top boats a strong challenge. (Dave Tabb claims he taught Stavros to sail!).


The Championship was won by Irish Dragon Association Chairman Cameron Good, with Simon Furney and Henry Kingston. Second was former champions Neil Hegarty, Peter Bowring and David Williams, with Anthony O’Neill, Arthur Mehigan and Eoghan O’Neill very popular winners of the bronze medal spot. Kinsale fleet captain Brian Goggin with Daniel and Sean Murphy were 4th with Dave Tabb, Laerke Norgaard and John Maddocks in 5th place.


Full results here: