Nago-Torbole’ is situated on the North shore of Lake Garda, Italy. At 67 metres above sea level it is one of the most picturesque places to sail anywhere in the world….  The house’s roofs gathered near to the shore, stand out from the green of the fields and create a dramatic contrast with the lakes clear water which reflects the deep blue sky. Quite breathtaking to say the least.  A treat for all who sail here and a joy to visit as a competitor.

I might just add at this moment, I was not “too tired” to give my usual after race video with Fiona, but since arriving at Verona Aiport, my luggage has been missing! Hence after 3 long days (and nights), I have had to do a bit of clothes shopping! Something many of you would be saying I’ve needed to do for years…  But never the less, when you are without your luggage it can be a real inconvenience, as many of you readers/sailors out there have no doubt experienced over the years….   So on now with my blog and the daily happenings..

Of the 40 dragons who have made the journey into one of Italy’s most precious arena’s the most experienced dragon sailor of them all, Vincent Hoesch has targeted this event to helm himself and chose an excellent team, whilst most professionals continue to help dedicated owners around this fantastic and challenging race track. So it’s no surprise to me or others that Vincie is leading by a mile…  With three race wins already, he is leading by 10pts from the ever consistent RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov, and 18pts ahead of the improving HUN 57 Ferenic Kis-Szolgyemi who is in 3rd place overall. Ferenic spent time last winter with me in Cascais and since buying his new Petticrow has been going from strength to strength !

With two more races planned for today, one more top 10 finish will give Vincie and his team of Peter Liebner and Thomas Mayer the 7th Hans Detmar Wagner Cup once again. This is an event that has so many positive happenings, from the onshore club management to the on-the-water excellent race organisation. Yes the International Race Officer Paroli Carmelo and his assistant Carla Malauvovia, do such an excellent job of getting the races away on a skillfully set line. Then waste no time at all in starting the next race giving competitors no chance to get bored, cold or impatient. Keep it up Paroli, you are doing a brilliant job and many other top PRO’s could take a lesson or two from your experience.

Before I leave this blog, I have been asked by many of you loyal readers out there, “How’s Densil ??”  Well Campers I can tell you he is alive and well despite a recent shock he had in a lift whilst shopping down in Cambourne. Standing next to a huge Black Man in the elevator, the big man looks down at Densil and says ” 7 feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch penis, 3 pounds of testicles, Turner Brown”…..  Densil immediately fainted.                                     The big guy kneels down, brings him too, shaking Densil asking “whats wrong with you ?”

In a weak voice Densil said “What exactly did you say to me?”…   the big man replies “Well I saw your curious look and I told you all the answers to the questions I normally get asked I’m 7 feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds, I have a 20 inch penis, my testicles weigh 3 pounds and my name is Turner Brown”…….  Densil says ” Turner Brown, sweet Jesus, I thought you said TURN AROUND”…

Higher, Faster, Longer……………..    New Clothes,   Stavros.  (NED 372).



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