Apollo 1, pictured above, is available as a last minute option to any sailor out there who would like to compete in the 60 boat Grade 1 Allianz Grand Prix in Cannes, starting Weds.

Yes Campers, it’s true, Joop Doomernik has a brand new “Work’s Boat” already in Cannes waiting to be raced in this weeks International Dragon Regatta…  Although the event starts on Weds, there is still time for a team to fly down at the last minute to compete in the first grade 1 event of the year. I still maybe able to arrange to travel myself, but if there is anyone out there from any country who is able to drop everything and fly themselves down to Nice, then Apollo 1 is ready and waiting to be sailed, with brand new North Sail’s.

If interested, please call Joop immediately, mobile + 31655806666  Who know’s it could be you crossing the 60 boat fleet on Port from the PIN end in two days time !!!!

Higher, Faster, Longer………..    Stavros.