LetsRocknRollRUS 76 “Rocknrolla” Dmitry, Andrey & Aleksey now lead Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup, Torbole’ after 7 races…

With two more races completed today (6th Oct) in a surprising Northerly wind, the “Peler ” on Lake Garda, we have a new leader in this final Grade 1 event of 2017.. I spoke with “Petticrows” Tim Tavinor who was watching today’s racing he told me “First race right paid big time, then 2nd race left paid.. The wind stayed in the north and increased to 15-18 kts. With two more races tomorrow, the championship is still wide open”. Thanks Timmy…

LeadersGardaOvernight leaders GER 1068 Ingo, Markus & Thomas now move to 2nd overall in Garda.

It was RUS 76 “Rocknrolla” helmed by Dmitry Samohkin, crewed by Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev, that really set the lake on fire today after winning race 6 followed up by a 2nd place in race 7.. This gives Dmitry and his team a 2pt lead ahead of overnight leaders GER 1068 Ingo Erhlicher who now sit in 2nd place and GER 1140 Nicola Friesen who had a great day and moved up to 3rd overall….

NicolaGER 1140 Nicola Friesen, Vincie Hoesch & Joost Houweling are now 3rd overall in Garda.

It is no surprise to many of us that the great Vincie Hoesch, who is on board GER 1140, had another good day today.  Vincie is the main organiser of the Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup which began back in 2004 with just 6 boats. It then grew and grew over the years, sometimes recording nearly 50 boats. 🙂 However, with the Gold Cup just around the corner, numbers are down this year, but I have no doubt many sailors will return to Torbole’ in 2018 as this picturesque venue gives so much joy to the sailors, on and off the water.

So the sun set on Lake Garda after yet another satisfying day of racing. Tomorrow will hopefully see two more races to decide the winner of this successful final Grade 1 event of 2017.

What this space…….    Higher, Faster, Longer…   Stavros.

p.s.   More fantastic photo’s from Christopher Nordoff..  Many thanks my friend.