Firstly, can I thank EVERYONE who contributed to my “Black flag” Blog, it’s opened a great debate, not only on the BF but the overall management of a “RACE OFFICER” or PRO or INTERNATIONAL RO! To be honest, it was great to know that more people other than my Mum and Dad read my blog’s. :-)

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to RUS 27 (Russian Nationals) & DEN 399 (Swedish Nationals). It sounded like they were two fanatsic regatta’s won by Anatoly and Jens.  Well done to you both….

Thirdly, KINSALE, yes of course I kin Sail, well campers that’s where I am now, at the Irish Nationals, BUT in a years time the GOLD CUP will be here, so Ireland may get a chance to show off it’s fantastic countryside, restaurants, friendly people and great way of life, to the whole world come 2012……

So back to the racing today, 15-18 kts of South-Westerly breeze, an excellent line and course set by the legendary Alan Crosbie & a flood tide that help the right-hand-side of the race course most of the time. It was the most beautiful sailing day here off the coast of Kinsale, where the OLD HEAD Golf Course gives sailors the ideal transit for the bright yellow windward mark. I tell you, Alan keeps it simple, No time wasting, direct instructions to both helpers and competitors (via VHF), and “Square Lines”…..  He is the answer to every organising committee, keep it simple with a very very “TOP” Man…….

The three teams who got it right today, were the Local Hero (Cameron Good), sailing IRL 211 Little Fella, who finished with 3 pts (1st & 2nd), in second place & current Irish National Champion (Martin Byrne) IRL 201 who finished with 5pts (4th and 1st) and close behind in 3rd overall is IRL 207 Olaf Sorensen on 9pts (3rd & 6th)….  It looks like being a fantastic 7 race Championship over the next three days……….

Higher, Faster, Longer……………..   Stavros  (IRL 207).

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