Although it was forecast, it was still disappointing for the 30 competing teams to have the final race of the French National Championships cancelled yesterday in Douarnenez. But with winds of over 35 kts and sea’s of 4m waves it was just not possible to safely send the teams out. Also the forecast carried a BMS warning which cancell’s all insurance of French Boats if they go ahead and race…  So the PRO of the Society de Regates de Douarnenez had no alternative and sailing was indeed cancelled.

This left the overall scores as they had been the night before, with FRA 386 “Lady Jane” helmed by Olympic Medalist Luc Pillot and crewed by Jean Claude Danet & Francois Abiven as the National Champions. Two points behind was yours truly Martin Payne, Helming Louis Urvois “AR YOULEG II” FRA 365 with my excellent Dutch Crew of Dominic and Olivier Bakker. In third place was FRA 396 Remy Arnaud helming “Legend” crewed by his son Herald and Ronan Autret. All three teams were given prizes sponsored by Thalasso Douarnenez and the podium photo is pictured on the IDA fixtures/results.

In 4th place overall was FRA 391 Jean Breger who was crewed by Jean Queveau and 17 yr old Alexandre Demeret. It is so good to see more young sailors coming into our wonderful class both home and abroad, then in 5th place was “Tigger” GBR 744 with newcomer to the Dragon Fleet John Greenwood at the helm, ably crewed by Thomas and Nicola Wilton (who seem to do as many regatta’s as myself these days!)….

It would be fantastic to see over 100 Dragons back in Douarnenez for the 2013 Gold Cup next year, as I recall seeing in 2006, when a certain Vincent Hoesch took the trophy….

So now it’s onto the Open Dutch National Championships in Medemblik or  the “warm up” for the forthcoming 2012 Gold Cup in Kinsale will be the South Coasts Championship next weekend…   Which one will you be at ……???

Higher, Faster, Longer………..     Stavros (FRA 365).

P.S. Many thanks to Dominic and Sir Lawrence for their excellent crew work & humour…  🙂