111Overall winners GER 1157 “M3” helmed by Michael Schmidt, with Malte Philipp & Mario Wagner.

It was an unbelievable final day in Kuhlungsborn as the disappointment of Friday’s lack of wind was soon forgotten by the 41 boat fleet. The early fog lifted shortly after midday and as the sun broke through the wind turned to the north. So the flat water and shifting south easterly winds enjoyed by the sailors on Thursday were replaced by short deep waves providing excellent surfing opportunities down wind whilst testing helms and crews upwind.

Race 4 of the series started under a “U” flag and three boats were identified as early starters. However, boats starting down the pin end of the line had a small advantage and UAE 9, GER 11 and UAE 8 all sailed extremely well to be the main contenders at the top of the first 1.7 mile upwind leg. In order to get two races completed it had been agreed to finish the race on the 2nd downwind leg and it was UAE 8 who eventually passed GER 11 & UAE 9 to take the victory.

1122Winners of Race 4, UAE 8  Yevgeni Braslavets, Sergey Timokhov & Oleksandr Myrchuk.

With the overall result wide open the final race started at 2.10pm as the wind increased to 17 – 20 kts making a fantastic finale to this competitive Grade 1 event. This time the race was dominated by GER 11 helmed by Marcus Brenneke who had “Olympian” Jochen Schumann & North Sails Theis Palm on board to help him power through the waves and extend their lead.

1133Winners of Race 5, GER 11 Marcus Brenneke, Jochen Schumann & Theis Palm.

However, it was GER 1157 helmed by Michael Schmidt who battled hard to stay in touch with GER 11 to finish 2nd and take the overall Championship by the smallest of margins. The victorious “M3” team finished on equal points with UAE 8, so on “count back” both had a 1st and a 2nd, so the tie was decided on GER 1157 having a 4th, whilst UAE 8 had a 5th. How close can it be ? Quite amazing. So many congratulations to Michael Schmidt, Malte Philipp and Mario Wagner.

The Corinthian winners with a very strong performance was DEN 411 “African Queen” helmed by Jorgen Schonherr who actually finished a very creditable 5th in the overall standings.


Corinthian Winners DEN 411 Jorgen Schonherr, Thomas Schmidt & Christian Videbaek.

This superb Grade 1 event  was well organised by the Segelclub Kuhlungsborn e.v. It had excellent race management orchestrated by IRO Christian Haake,  fantastic “apres” sail parties, a wonderful marina and 5 top quality races despite losing two days to lack of wind…

Final Results.    1st GER 1157  15pts.    2nd  UAE 8  15pts.   3rd GER 11  17pts.  4th RUS 27  17pts      5th DEN 411  19pts     6th UAE 7   22pts

Many thanks once again for all these amazing photo’s from Ricardo Pinto.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….      Stavros.   (on board the Committee Boat).