Christian Videbaek, Jan Eli Gravad & helm Jorgen Schonherr win the Marblehead Trophy..

It was a most exciting final day in Kiel to decide where the “Famous” Marblehead Trophy would be challenged for in 2015… With the wind sometimes gusting up to 30 kts it was not a day for the feint hearted!

Tommy Muller had held this prestigious trophy for 4 years and all comers to Kiel had not been able to beat Tommy and his “Bavarian Dream Team” of Hoesch and Lipp…  But in the end the superb heavy weather sailing of the “African Queen” with Jorgen Schonherr at the helm guided his brand new Petticrows to victory by just 1pt !!

Yes fellow sailors, it came right down to the wire and not with Tommy, but with Yvegen Braslavetz who was also sailing a Petticrows Dragon UAE 8. Yevgen pushed Jorgen all the way in the extremely physical conditions leaving Tommy and his team in a very respectable 3rd overall position.

Tommy-awards-trophy (240x320)The moment Tommy Muller awards the Marblehead Trophy to Jorgen Schonherr.

Organiser Tommy Muller on behalf of the NRV Yacht Club in Kiel, said “The end result was so close, just 1pt the difference. So Jorgen will organise it in Koge, which is just south of Copenhagen. He has promised to keep with tradition and invite all competitors to a big party!”

Very many congratulations to Jorgen, Christian and Jan and also to the runners up Yevgen, Igor Sidorov and Sergey Timokhov,.  Lastly, well done to Tommy and his team for holding the Marblehead Trophy for so many years ( 5 in total, as Tommy had won it on another occasion before his 4 year reign).

So now it travels in the safe hands of Jorgen Schonherr……  be ready to defend my friend in 2015…….  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros.