1936683_452139344978773_7336520901113307116_n (2)Marcus Wieser UAE 7 “Bunker Queen” wins both races yesterday with Sergey Pugachev & Deigo Negri.

It was business as usual for Marcus Wieser as he won both races on the 3rd day of the Italian National Championships in San Remo. With the course much further out from the land, it gave the option to chose either side of the beat for the upwind legs… However, Marcus always played the right hand side of the course and built up a substantial lead in both races.

Also having a fantastic day was RUS 27 “Annapurna” helmed by Anatoloy Loginov, crewed by Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin. This top team had to work hard after a couple of average starts, but gradually made their way to the front of the 33 boat fleet to record a 2nd & 3rd which moves them up to 2nd overall after 5 races.

12523838_452139618312079_135323159684106090_nAnatoly Loginov helms his RUS 27 “Annapurna” into 2nd place overall on day 3 in San Remo.

In 3rd place overall is our current “World Champion” Yevgeni Braslavets who is helming a 1969 wooden Borresen Dragon that looks absolutely beautiful. With his top team of Sergiy Timokhov and Oleksandr Myrchuk they added a 5th and 2nd place to their score. I spoke to Yevgeni last night he told me “The boat is very stiff and comes alive when the wind is strong enough for all three of us to sit on the side. It feels very neutral on the helm and is a pleasure to sail”.

1424568_452139271645447_614549167155968042_n (2)3rd overall UAE 8 “Bunker King” helmed by World Champion Yevgeni Braslavets.

Still leading the “Corinthian” sailors is SWE 389 “High Times” helmed by Karl Gustav Lohr, crewed by Jasper Bendix and Kristensen Klavs Bruun. Karl and his team are 11th overall in the standings but are keeping just ahead of their nearest Corinthian rivals.

1910051_1708533479359783_6861144194410552799_n (2)Karl Gustav Lohr helming SWE 389 “High Times” is leading the 15 Corinthian Teams in San Remo.

So all is set for an interesting final day, at the moment all the crews are sat ashore in the sunshine waiting for the wind to build. With a “cut off” time of 3pm, it is unlikely that more than one race will be sailed, so the Championship is most probably already decided…  As Marcus is discarding a 3rd place at the moment, he does not really need to go sailing. However, when I ask him this morning at breakfast if he would be going out today ?  He replied “Yes of course Stavros, we need the practice” 🙂   What chance do the rest of us have?

Higher, Faster, Longer………      Stavros.   (GBR 789).