Foto (320x240) (2)PRO Christian Haake & “Winners” Markus Wieser, Sergey Pugachev & George Leonchuk.

At the end of the day there can only be one winner, 48 teams tried, 47 teams failed, one team UAE 7 succeeded… This “great” team led by Markus Wieser have made winning seem easy, but my friends, I can assure you it is NOT !

Markus is an out and out Professional, he thinks, dreams and breathe’s for Sailing. Since joining Sergey Pugachev (the owner of Transbunker) after Cannes in 2006, Markus has gone from strength to strength. Sergey would rather crew at the very top level than helm himself so with the addition of George Leonchuk they have the perfect winning formula.

Going into the last day of sailing there were still 4 or 5 boats who, with 2 good races, could still take the title. NED 412 did all they could as Pieter Heerema guided his beautiful Pedersen & Thuesen “Troika” to a 2nd and a 4th to finish overall 4th. Where as Lars Hendriksen unfortunately could not match his “training” partner (even though they had both consumed the same amount of Rum & Coke the evening before)! So did not improve his overall position.

Lawrie Smith GBR 785 finished 4th in the first race of the day, but  then chose the wrong side in race two so made a direct line for the crane! Whilst RUS 34 who had a poor start in race one and never recovered, at least got back into the game in the second race to hold on to a fantastic 3rd overall, well done to Vasily Senatorov (an IDA Vice Chairman) and his team.

So this only left UAE 8, Eyvgeni Braslavets (also part of the Transbunker Team, now based in Dubai) to stop Markus from winning….  and although he took a 6pt lead into the final race, it was Markus who held his nerve to finish sufficiently ahead and take the BMW German Grand Prix Title, well done!

sergey (2)

Eyvgeni Braslavets (Runner Up) is consolidated by Winner Sergey Pugachev…

I asked Markus about the event he told me “Kuhlungsborn proved to be one of the best sailing area’s in Germany. Open sea, no ferry traffic, good restaurants, nice hotels and sandy beaches. As usual top organised by Manuela Libor and the Segelclub of Kuhlungsborn. But most of all we had a great Race Officer with Martin Payne giving the best and needed info via VHF. Kuhlungsborn is ready for next years Gold Cup”……

20140614_172205-1 (320x320)

The EBB TIDE, a most wonderful Committee Boat, with high decks to see the OCS’s !!

After spending a delightful 4 days on the most perfect and beautiful Committee Boat, the “EBB TIDE” I must say that the racing in Kuhlungsborn was absolutely wonderful. It’s a most excellent location, has the right management team and Yacht Club organising the event and they chose one of the best PRO’s in the World to oversee the racing….  when you have the best, you get the best…….   Bring on the Gold Cup in 2015….

Higher, Faster, Longer………… Stavros.  (on Committee Boat, photo above).