Racing eventually got underway yesterday in the most perfect Dragon sailing conditions here in Medemblik, Holland. Although it took several attempts to start the fleet of 86 boats, race one was completed in an oscillating wind predominately from a direction of 300 degree’s in 8 to 12 kts of breeze.

Markus Wieser UAE 7 (the current Gold Cup holder) sailing a new Petticrows Dragon, took an early lead at the top mark after a 2.2 mile first beat. With the wind shifting it was important to keep alert on the long downwind leg’s as much as the upwind leg’s. Also having a fantastic race was our “Vice Chairman” of the IDA Reemt Reemtsma in GER 1121 who, crewed very well by his wife Petra and Lorenz Jensen, sailed themselves into 2nd place behind Markus.

In 3rd place was GBR 775 helmed by “The Man” Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen who can never be counted out of these big events, due to his vast experience and superb sailing skills. Now at the proud age of 70 years old, he would like nothing more than to be holding onto this prestigious trophy once again that was originally donated by the Clyde Yacht Club.

In 4th position was Sui 313 helmed by Dirk Oldenburg, who sailed a great race to finish just ahead of former World Champion Lawrie Smith in GBR 785 in 5th.

Although the PRO had hoped to catch up for the missed sailing day on Sunday and get in a second race, unfortunately this did not happen. Apparently there were a number of “Technical” issues with one or more of the committee boats anchorage.

We all hope for a better outcome today………

Higher, Faster, Longer……  Truthfully …     Stavros.  (GER 1102).