RP_150820_DRAGGP_0298 (640x428)Markus Wieser wins both races on Day 2 of the German Grand Prix in Kuhlungsborn.

A Master Class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline….. Yesterday, Markus Wieser was that “expert”.

With a 2 hour postponement ashore the 33 boats were eventually sent out by the International Race Officer Christian Haake at 1pm. As the wind began to increase from around 35 degrees, the first race of the day (Race 3) got underway under a “U” flag at 2.20pm. Leading at the top mark was UAE 7 “Bunker Queen” helmed by Markus Wieser, crewed by Sergei Pugachev & tactician Matti Paschen. Closely following behind was leading Corinthian Tanja Jacobsohn helming GER 1113 with her husband Bernhard & two of her former 470 World & European Champion crew Sabine Lenkmann & Susanne Bergmann.

RP_150820_DRAGGP_7333 (640x426)

Top Corinthian Team GER 1113 Tanja Jacobsohn with her 3 crew, currently 6th overall.

As the race developed over the three up wind and two down wind legs, our current World and European Champion Yevgeni Braslavets UAE 8 made his way towards the front of the fleet, often choosing different sides of the course to Markus. Also making their move from the “pack” towards the front was GER 1133 “Sinewave” helmed by Tommy Muller, who eventually finished 3rd behind Yevgeni 2nd as Markus extended his lead to win comfortably.

RP_150820_DRAGGP_7343 (640x426)

Tommy Muller in GER 1133 with Vincent Hoesch and Fithjof Kleen, currently 4th overall.

In race two (Race 4 of the series), it was again UAE 7 “Bunker Queen” that led from start to finish, this time UAE 8 Yevgeni Braslavets crewed by Sergey Timokhov and Alexander Mirchuk showed why they have already won the two major events of 2015 by finishing a close 2nd…. Yes, it’s been many years since any team won both the Worlds and the Europeans in the same year…  Could Yevgeni do the “Treble”  and win the Gold Cup next week….?  I tell you all, it’s certainly possible… 🙂

Two other boats also sailing brilliantly yesterday in race 4 of the series were GER 1078 “Troika” helmed by Tim Ladehof, crewed by Tim Jesse & Arme Brugge who just manged to hold off top Swiss boat SUI 311 “Sophie Racing” helmed by Hugo Stenbeck, crewed by Martin Westerdahl & Bernardo Freitas….

RP_150820_DRAGGP_0310 (640x428)

GER 1078 “Troika” just holds off SUI 311 “Sophie Racing” to finish 3rd and 4th respectively.

I must say that from my vantage point of watching high up on the Committee Boat, the beautiful “Ebb Tide”, it is very easy to see every single boat at the start. So sailors please beware, forget passed regattas and events, this Race Officer will not allow any boat to start over the line…  It is essential to any successful championship to have a disciplined start on a well laid line and sail a perfectly set course…. Christian Haake gives you that “package”. He is very experienced, holds the respect of the Dragon Class and is doing a first class job.. So the stage is set for a great finale to the Grand Prix today and a superb Gold Cup next week…. 

Bring it on……

Higher, Faster, Longer……   more disciplined……    Stavros.