POR 55 Jose’ Matoso crewed by Gustavo Lima and Stephan Hellriegel won the Amadeus Cup after 5 races here in Vilamoura. In 2nd place was NED 316 Pieter Heerama and 3rd POR 46 Francisco P Melo. It was a fantastic day of sailing with the wind from around 150 degrees and blowing between 15-18 kts. The sea was a warm deep blue with short waves that enabled the occasional surf downwind as each race was eagerly contested.

In race one (the 3rd of the series), GBR 751 helmed by Jorge Pinheiro made an excellent start at the pin end, as many of the starters misjudged the line due to a late left-hand shift. Jorge held on to lead at the top mark from POR 55 Jose Matoso. Close behind was POR 51 Fillipe de Silva and these three fought it out until POR 55 took the lead, POR 51 was second and GBR 751 3rd…

In the second race of the day NED 316 Pieter Heerama fought hard to contain POR 55 who was having a great day and revelling in the increasing wind strength. Jose’ made just one mistake on rounding the first leeward mark, he left his turn late so Pieter seized his chance, rounded inside and never looked back. In 3rd place was POR 46 helmed by Francisco P Melo who also was enjoying the stronger winds….

By the start of race three it was a good 18 kts of breeze, absolutely perfect for the Dragon’s and Laser SB3’s who were also having a great regatta in this most awesome location. Now that Palma no longer has the Princess Sofia Trophy at around this time of year, I foresee many more boats joining the fun on the Algarve next year. So back to the racing and POR 55 completed a brilliant first two days of sailing by winning this last race. NED 316 Pieter Heerama was second and this also gave him 2nd overall in this first event, with POR 46 doing enough to hold onto 3rd overall….

Over the next two days sailors will compete for the Dom Pedro Hotel Trophy, which will also count for the Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy…  Lots going on in the Algarve, why are you not here ……………..?????

Higher, Faster, Longer…..  Stavros. (GBR 751).