The final day of racing here in sunny Monaco started with the optimistic race committee sending all 5 fleets out to sea at 9.00am, knowing that the only chance of getting more races in was to be on the course ready in case the forecast was wrong and a sea breeze settled in……  Unfortunately, it did not happen. So all the 100+ boats had to be towed or motored in to be craned out efficiently and effectively by the Monaco Yacht Club staff. It was a shame but, not a surprise given the weather predictions……

With so many sponsors and helpers involved in this Premier sailing event, it was decided to present the magnificent prizes to the successful sailors from yesterday’s light wind race. So it was GBR 375 Ivan Bradbury sailing “Blue Haze”, crewed by Werner Fritz and William Willett who took the honers from a local Euan Pugh IRL 150 in 2nd place and the ever present Anatoly Loginov RUS 27 in 3rd place.

Although the weather has once again let down the numerous enthusiastic travelling teams from all classes as far away as Hungary, it did not diminish the atmosphere or positive attitude shown throughout the regatta by every competitor…  But, maybe next year the committe will reinstate the 4th (vital) day………..

It was a well organised and supported regatta that just required a little more good fortune with “Mother Nature”…  Sailors came and Sailors laughed, the Dragon Circuit lives on…………….

Higher, Faster, Longer……………   Stavros.