With winds still driving up the English Channel from the South West, sometimes gusting up to force 7, it was decided to cancell all sailing again yesterday here in Ostende, which left both the race committe and all sailors very frustrated…  But, that is yacht racing and with the combination of 2m high waves, safety has to be the priority, so the beer tent opened up early again and the frustration ebbed away……….

Last evening over 300 people attended the Gala Dinner held in the Ostende Casino and 78 year old Ted Sawyer was presented with the Borge Borensen Trophy, (for his race win on day one), the late Mr Borensen attended 50 yes fifty consecutive Gold Cup’s, winning four of them! So when he sadly passed away his two son’s gave the BB trophy to the Gold Cup organisers in his memory. As Borge often won the first race of many Gold Cups, this race was chosen as the trophy winning day. So a very proud Ted Sawyer drank the traditional whisky from the cup and then thanked the whole fleet for their friendship, fair sailing and enjoyment given to him over his 20 years in the Dragon Class….  Our IDA Chairman also drank from the cup which then prompted a joke involving a “Lady of the Night” an old Sailor and 3 Knots/Nots!  So a great time was had by all, despite the lack of on the water activities….              Ted collecting the Borge Borrensen Trophy, Last night…

Today (Thursday), the PRO has delayed the start untill 2.0pm. Everyone is very hopeful that a race can be sailed and with an excellent forecast for tomorrow, a possibility of 2 more races are on the cards. This would give a final total of 5 races (4 are required to award the trophy).  Meanwhile sailors wait patiently by their beloved Dragons with fingers crossed and a usual positive attitude………

Higher, Faster, Longer,     Waiting……..   Stavros (USA 310)

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