7One of the many “Classic” Yacht’s that race alongside the Dragons in the Regates Royal, Cannes..

Standby for a feast of Dragon sailing in Southern France and Italy…. First we have the annual Regates Royal in Cannes, where the “Old Harbour” is full of Classic boats and International Dragons.

8A view from above the “Old Port” in Cannes, the Dragons moor further around to the left.

Then we have the Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup in Torbole’ on Lake Garda. A most spectacular venue surrounded by mountains with regular local, predictable winds from first the north and then the south….

Torbole'View             A wonderful view of Torbole’….  Lake Garda..  will you be there in 2014 ??

Following these two excellent events we have St Tropez, as advertised in the blog below. This will be the first year we have managed to keep Torbole’ and St Tropez apart, so lets make sure we support both..  I know Vincie will be hoping for record numbers in Torbole’ this year… lets see if we can make 50 boats this time after the 47 entries of 2013……..

Higher, Faster, Longer……….   Stavros (I shall be reporting from all 3 events).