20140502_172706 (320x180)The hard working Ladies: Francoise, Martina & Annie, ready to welcome the 50 Dragon’s..

Yes fellow sailors it’s that time of the year again where many different boat’s and at least 50 Dragons will meet in Douarnenez for the GUYADER Grand Prix and first the Coupe de Bretange (38 Dragons), in this beautiful part of Brittany that offers great sailing, wonderful food and some of the best wine in Europe. Joining the Dragons this year are Open 40’s, a number of 50 and 70 feet Multi Hulls, the Mach 6.5 and a variety of top French classes all sailing within this fantastic west facing bay in Northern France.

Unfortunately today’s racing had to be postponed as the wind did not fill in to give a fair race course, so after nearly four hours on the water, the patient fleet were sent in at around 5.30pm.  Tomorrow looks far more promising so I am sure the experienced Race Management Team who have been running this top Dragon event here since 1999, will be able to catch up and complete a full 5 race programme in this warm up event prior to the Grand Prix (Weds).

With 38 boats already here, including the current World Champion Klaus Diederichs GBR 758 and former World Champion Tommy Muller GER 1133, the competition is really hot. The recently crowned European Champion Lars Hendriksen is also here sailing his own Dragon “Eva” DEN 138 and with another former World Champion Lawrie Smith, joining the party for the main event, this will be one of the most exciting Grand Prix’s EVER !!

Whilst spirits are high and warm reunions continue amongst friends, competitors and a variety of old and new teams in the marvellous village tent set up annually by the Douarnenez organisers, we must all raise a glass in respect and acknowledgement to MR LOUIS URVOIS (who sadly is in poor health these days), but is the MAN responsible for putting Douarnenez on the Dragon Map and will always be remembered dear to our hearts for his enthusiasm, excellent management and eager competiveness on the water.

We all love you Louis, Long live the King.

Higher, Faster, Longer………………………    Stavros.