received_1498078426898270World Champion crew Ali Tezdiker sprays European Champion at Prize Giving..

What a fantastic final day we had in Lake Thun..  At first any further racing looked unlikely as the anticipated early morning breeze from the mountains overlooking Interlaken did not materialize. So the 62 International teams had to wait again patiently ashore..

ShortieWaiting for the wind at the Thunersee Yacht Club, a great photo from Michael Kurtz.

However, the God’s were good to us and at around 12.00 Principle Race Officer Bruno Barthlome’ allowed the Dragons onto the lake as the afternoon “Thermal” wind from the North West began to show encouraging signs.

In fact as the boats hoisted spinnakers and made their way down this beautiful lake the wind began to build and the prospect of sailing 2 races was about to become a reality. Not only would 2 more races validate the series, but it would also allow for a discard, which many of us were hoping for 🙂

The start of race 4 was recalled under a “U” flag and quickly restarted with a Black Flag. The top mark bearing was set at 305 degrees, but the wind was shifting like crazy as the 62 boats got underway. At times it was possible to point directly at the mark on starboard tack, so boats who started at the committee boat end of the line were in great shape. However, at the top end of the beat the wind shifted back to the left so it all became a little tricky to say the least 🙂


Winners of Race 4 was GER 1151 the Dohse “Family” Philip & Nicola & daughter Pia.

Making the most of these shifting conditions was GER 1151 who went on to win the race, followed by UAE 7 in 2nd place and RUS 76 3rd. In 7th place was GER 1177 helmed by Pedro Andrade who now moved into the overall lead on just 19 points after the 4 races. However, by shortening the course at the end of the second upwind leg it gave time for a 5th and final race, which of course would then allow a discard. So the Championship was all on the final race and may have even been decided on “count back” as it was last year between RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov & GER 1162 Stephan Link in St Petersburg!

There were actually 5 teams that could still win GER 1177, GER 1170, GER 1162, UAE 7 & UAE 9. However, although RUS 76 could not beat Pedro’s 19 points even if they won the final race, Dmitry and his team could still reach a podium place..  So race 5 got underway and most of the fleet tacked to the right shore, whilst a small number chanced their luck on the left. At the top mark the lead boats from both sides were equally matched with GER 1184 rounding ahead of RUS 27, GBR 770 and GBR 789. In the end it was RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov who won the race, followed by RUS 76 in 2nd GER 1186 was 3rd and UAE 7 was 4th.


With none of the overall contenders at the front of the fleet it meant GER 1177 “Pow Wow” Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin and Bernardo Torres Pego are the 2017 European Champions… ! Fantastic result, well done 🙂

FinalThe final Podium RUS 76 Dmitry 2nd, GER 1177 Pedro 1st and UAE 7  Yvegen 3rd.

Final scores Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin & Bernardo Torres Pego 19pts.

Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Alexey Bushuev  21pts.

Yvegen Braslavets, Sergey Pugachev & Sergey Timokhof 21pts.

Top Corinthians were GER 1186 helmed by Tanja Jacobsohn, crewed by her Husband Bernard and Jan Scharfetter..  By finishing the final race in 3rd position this put Tanja and her team in 9th position overall which is a fantastic result in this high quality championship.

TanjaTop Corinthian and 9th Overall is Tanja Jacobsohn, Bernard Jacobsohn & Jan Scharfetter.

A big thank you to all the helpers and volunteers at the Thunersee Yacht Club for hosting this fantastic event in such a wonderful location. The Race Officer Bruno Barthlome’ did a great job in really testing conditions whilst the “Star” of the show was Lotti Schmidt who ran the whole event impeccably from start to finish…  Well done Lotti and a huge thank you from all the competitors 🙂

LottiPrinciple Organiser Lotti Schmidt of the Thunersee Yacht Club… 

Higher, Faster, Longer……..    Stavros.     (GBR 789).