• FB_IMG_1499521170275Pedro Andrade, Thorsten Imbeck & Charles Nankin win in Kuhlungsborn.

At last the wind return to Kuhlungsborn so 2 more races were sailed to complete the series… but only just.  In the first race (race 3 of the series) two boats  (RUS 27 & GER 1177) managed to break away from the pack, before the Race was shortened on the 2nd downwind leg in a dying breeze..

FB_IMG_1499521768139RUS 27 “Annapurna” managed to keep GER 1177 behind to win race 3.

So Anatoloy won the Race, Pedro Andrade finished in 2nd & BEL 80 “Wayout” Ben Van Cauwenbergh, John Gruber & Nadia Deferm, were to have a great day by finishing 3rd in both races.. 🙂 The 4th and final race was started in very light wind.

This time it was Pedro who got the better start and looked to control Anatoly. Then, as the wind began to die away completely, the Race was shortened at the top of second upwind…

Pedro explained to me “Although we were keeping a tight cover on RUS 27 it was SWE 389 who first looked strong on the left, then made a gain to pass us on the right just at the finish.” This gave Karl-Gustav Lohr the victory moving his top Corinthian Team up to 4th overall. 

FB_IMG_1499521883927SWE 389 “HIGH TIMES” Karl-Gustav Lohr, Jasper Bendix & Mads Hansen win race 4 in Kuhlungsborn.

Meanwhile RUS 76 was fighting hard for the final podium position, which indeed they acheived finishing with a total of 23pts, behind RUS 27 on 13pts & the winner GER 1177 on 10…

FB_IMG_1499521900568Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev 3rd overall.

So there we have it, Pedro wins, Anatoly 2nd, Dmitry 3rd… with Karl-Gustaf 4th & Top Corinthian.

Many congratulations to these 4 teams and to the Segelclub of Kuhlungsborn for completing the series in very difficult conditions. With just 4 races completed there was no discard, but as what usually happens at these top International events… the “Best Team” Won!

Many thanks, as usual to Ricardo Pinto for many excellent photos… Many more to see on Face Book.

Higher, Faster, Longer…. Stavros