RP_140910_GOLDCUP_9623Gavia Wilkinson-Cox wins race 3 of the 2014 Dragon Gold Cup in Medemblik.

It was a most thrilling and tough day in Medemblik yesterday as two races were completed in a Northerly breeze that produced a most difficult “chop” across the shallow waters of the Isslemere.. With short, steep waves it is very easy to stop the boat if pointed too high. On the other hand, you simply give away too much ground if you allow the boat to run low a fast..  So the technique required is a combination of the two….

Two top teams that got it right yesterday were GBR 761 helmed by Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, crewed by Mark Hart & Nick Hartshorn.  Along with DEN 138 helmed by Lars Hendriksen, crewed by Frithjof Kleen and Pedro Andrade.

RP_140910_GOLDCUP_9861ALars Hendriksen steers his beautiful “Eva” across the line to win race 4 of the Gold Cup.

However, it remains a most riveting competition to see who will lift the Gold Cup on Friday evening as even the overall leader, Markus Wieser recorded a rare high score in race 3! Yes fellow sailors, after winning race 1 and 2 Markus slipped to 25th in race 3, but bounced back with a 5th in race 4. This now gives him a lead of just 5pts from GBR 775 the “Man” Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen, who is really turning on the power this week……

RP_140910_GOLDCUP_9769 (640x426)The one & only “Double Olympic Gold Medallist” Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen, with Noddy & Hamish.

It was a great day for the PRO Rob Hoogstra, and all the organisers of this event, as this now catches up the sailing programme and leaves the overall title in the balance!

With two more races to go anything can and probably will happen…   :-)

Higher, Faster, Longer…………………..    Stavros.  (GER 1102).