SUI297©F.RICHARDSUI 297 in Training for the Swiss Nationals taking place in Roschach this coming weekend

The Alpen Cup sadly had to be cancelled yesterday through lack of wind. Even though the race committee tried everything to complete the series, no more races could be added to the single race from Saturday.

However, as I drive away from this picturesque town on the beautiful Lake Constance, I know that the Swiss Nationals will be in good hands this weekend. With around 35 boats now registered I hope the conditions allow the experienced and very helpful members of the SGYC (St. Gallischer Yacht Club) to show Rorschach at it’s best… Good luck to all and thank you for a nice Alpen Cup weekend.

I now am westward bound for La Rochelle and the “Vasco de Gamma” which will give an opportunity for the French Dragon Association to show off their chosen World Championship venue for 2015. Around 30 boats are taking part in racing that begins on Thursday. With teams from Australia, Russia and the UK more than making up the numbers of this ever growing French Fleet, we are in for some exciting racing.

Meanwhile up in Muiden, Holland we will see at least 35 boats compete for the Open Dutch Title. I hear “The Man” Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen (who is now in his 70th year) will be attempting to beat the current Champion and favourite again this year, Pieter Heerema. Whilst the team to watch will be the “Bakker’s” with Dad Jan helming his two son’s, Olivier and Dominic around the course.. This young-ish 🙂 team are virtually unbeaten this year so both Poul-Richard and Pieter will not have it all their own way….

I’ll try to bring you up to date info on all 3 venues, with my “scouts” in every corner of every upwind leg :-)…  Remember it’s the “little things” that make all the difference………..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………   Stavros.