International Ranking List

The International Ranking List is up and running again – with assistance from Sailwave, whose software we are using for the calculations. It is a work in progress; any errors or omissions will be corrected as soon as possible.

The purpose of the IRL is to:

  • Rank all interested Dragon sailors according to their performance within the 12 month period 14 October to 13 October the following year. These cut off dates have been selected so that the annual winner of the IRL may be announced at the AGM in late October each year, and published in the annual Yearbook.
  • Use the current ranking information to fill up groups for a championship event with group starts.
  • Use the current ranking information to allow the top 20 helmsmen of the International ranking list of the previous year to automatically qualify for the World and/or European Championships of the next year.


Only Championship, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Events that are National Championships shall be included in the IRL.

Each Ranked Regatta has an RL-factor (RL).
The RL factors are:
National championship 1.0
Grade 1 event 1.1

In all Ranked Regattas with 19 or fewer entries a scaling factor (S) is also applied:
16 – 18 competitors 0.85
13 – 15 competitors 0.75
10 – 12 competitors 0.65
Fewer than 10 competitors 0.55

The total ranking list points of a period are calculated as the best four results of a helmsman. A minimum of 4 results is needed for an overall annual ranking.


The final ranking list for the year can be found here >>>