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Goal and Purpose of an International Ranking List

The International Ranking List shall serve the following purposes:

Rank all interested dragon sailors corresponding to their relative performance within the last 12 month.

Use the current ranking information to fill up groups for an event with group starts (like the Gold Cup 2003 in Medemblik).

Extend the current concept of International qualification to World and European Championship: The best 20 helmsmen of the International ranking list of the previous year are qualified for the World and European Championships of the ongoing year.

International Ranking Definition

Only Championship, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Events that are National Championships shall be included in the IRL. Each Ranked Regatta has an RL-factor (RL) and a multiplier (M) that may be different. In all Ranked Regattas with 19 or fewer entries a scaling factor (S) is applied.

The total ranking list points of a period are calculated as the average of the best six results of a sailor. A minimum of 5 results is needed. When (M)=2, the obtained RL-points may be used twice for the overall score.

Each result: (NoOfParticipants + 1 – FinalPosition) / NoOfParticipants * 100 * RL * S