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Anatoly Loginov, Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin winners in La Baule.

It was a fantastic final day for the 52 boat fleet in La Baule yesterday, with 12 to 16 kts of wind, glorious sunshine and a crisp air of excitement as everyone was out to finish on a high. With an overall lead of 4pts and only a 6th place to discard, RUS 27 helmed by Anatoly Loginov required just one good race to secure the Championship. Fighting also to finish well was FRA 386 helmed by Luc Pillot who currently held 3rd position overall just behind RUS 98 Igor Goihberg.

505435_7230eef2331f46a2b116a26ae777b286.jpg_srb_p_840_561_75_22_0.50_1.20_0RUS 98 “Zenith” Igor Goihberg, crewed by Dimitry Berezkin & Roman Sadchykov. 2nd.

The first race was eventually won by FRA 405 “Vol de Nuit” Christine Briand who helmed very well with her crew Dominique Hebrard & Giles Merchand who fought hard to pass the leaders HKG 55 more or less at the finish. GBR 755 “Danish Blue” with Poul-Richard took 3rd place.


Fantastic close racing on the final day of the French Championships in La Baule.

With an increasing wind for the final race it was an exciting climax. RUS 27 had finished 5th in the first race so had secured overall victory. RUS 98 & FRA 386 had also done enough to maintain their runners up spot & 3rd place respectively. So it was a full on battle to finish with a win for all and indeed it was GBR 585 “Full Speed” helmed by Martin Payne, crewed by Dominic and Olivier Bakker who took the gun. Closely followed by FRA 396 “Legend” Remy Arnaud 2nd and FRA 365 “Ar Youleg” Christian Guyader 3rd.

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Team “Full Speed” rounding the top mark and winning the final race in La Baule.

This was another fantastic 4 days in La Baule with 7 races completed in a variety of winds, with sunshine every day and a superb friendly atmosphere on and off the water. The Yacht Club La Baule have a most enthusiastic new President in Dominique Mollett and with all of their helpers and volunteer’s it will continue to be one of the premier “fun” events on the International Dragon Circuit. Many congratulations go to the top three teams overall.

RUS 27 1st Anatoly Loginov, RUS 98 2nd Igor Goihberg & FRA 386 3rd Luc Pillot.

My thanks once again to Stephanie Billarant for the wonderful photo’s.

Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros.  (GBR 585).