The rain has fallen all day but that has not dampened the spirits of the 75 teams from 15 different nations represented at this highly competitive European Championship in Germany, which begins with a practice race tomorrow. Indeed the the day kicks off with a BMW sponsor Champions Race at 12.30. Followed by the whole 75 boat fleet taking part in the wonderful “Childhood Charity” practice race! It’s occasions like this that remind us lucky sailors how fortunate we are to have such fun, good health & the opportunity to  compete in our fantastic sport of sailing, whilst many children are suffering all over the world…  However, all money raised from sponsorship, after-race auctions, individual gifts and a chance to publicised this so very important charity and cause…will go directly to “CHILDHOOD”…and as in former years, be gratefully accepted.

I have spent the day launching my new Petticrow boat “Bear”, which on this occasion will be helmed by Ted Sawyer from the good old “U-S-of-A”  USA 310. Ted celebrates his 78th Birthday the day after the American Independence Day, on 5th July so Pedro Andrade and I will be hoping to give Teddy a positional Birthday Present ……   However, looking at the entry list, I’d say to even get into the top half of this fleet will be a miracle due to the exceptional quality and experience…  It’s quite awesome in fact !!!

For the record the “Europeans” is a qualifying event, so the best of Europe should be here, and they ARE! There are simply too many top, top sailors to mention, so I won’t :-)   But rest assured I will keep all you “Armchair” sailors up to date each evening, so with the professional multi talented Fiona Brown, we hope to bring you the daily happenings from all the race winners each day…. It all will unfold over the next week…  Can Marcus Wieser defend his title ??

Higher, Faster, Longer, (Don’t Know if he Can!) Stavros.(USA 310)