Popularity breeds success, so it was no surprise to see over 50 boats turning up for the “Coupe de Armistice” in Cannes. Despite dreadful weather throughout Europe, Dragon Sailors headed south to catch the last of the summer sun in the beautiful bay of Cannes, and thus experience the true ambiance of France. But, with so many boats, it was impossible for the ever efficient team of helpers from the Yacht Club de Cannes, to launch everyone safely in time for a 14.00 hrs start today…..So under the guidance of experienced Race Officer, John Coveny , additional time was allocated for the launching.

In fact it proved a God send.. As the wind from the mountains blew in excess of 40 kts till 13.00hrs. So by the time all 50+ Dragons were ready to race, the conditions were perfect ………………………….

John Coveny set a great course with a 1.3 mile first beat to allow this competitive fleet to separate. The line was square, with in fact a touch of Committee Boat bias, but the locals opted for the PIN end, as the breeze seemed stronger on the the left as the land drew the breeze in from Antibes, thus advantageous. IRL 207 Olaf Sorensen, fresh from his victory in St Tropez, won the Committee boat end and look to have gain a significant advantage, before those boats starting near the PIN end, showed well.

ITA 56 had a superb start under the close scrutiny of top tactician, Jean Sebastian Ponce,  to lead throughout. Closely followed by local organiser and Dragon guru, FRA 400 Christian Billiot. With Petticrow owner TIM Tavinor, GRB 751 in hot pursuit, it was all set for a most perfect race….     

Indeed with a fleet as strong as this no one can sit back and take it easy….  One mistake could cost 10 places, so everyone fought hard to gain an individual advantage… Sorensen pushed hard to catch the leaders but had to settle with 4th, Tim Tavinor 3rd, ITA 56 2nd and FRA 400 taking the deserved victory…..  But, there were no losers today, the Yacht Club de Cannes not only provided helpers to launch, recover trailers and assist with car/truck parking, they then put on an excellent “Buffet” with Champagne, that even kept me from my hot shower…. !!   Such is the hospitality and friendship of this fantastic club………….  It fly’s the flag for France and all Dragon Sailors…..  Well done & MERCI…..

With an excellent forecast for tomorrow, where else would anyone want to be ??????

Higher, Faster, Longer…..  Stavros.