Things are begining to heat up here on Lake Cazaux, despite the weather! After a very light wind day on Friday, which saw only one short race completed (won by FRA 396, Remy Arnaud). Race officer Yves Leglise, then set four challenging races yesterday, with one mile beats, with each race lasting around one hour. The sun shone and all 22 boats had some excellent sailing. Louis Urvois FRA 365 rolled back the years to win the first two races, before the only Irish entry Don O’Donoghue IRL 204 took the third race. Then as the previous evening’s alcohol wore off, Tim Tavinor GBR 711 showed the fleet that he is able to follow in the “Great Man’s” (Poul Richards Hoj-Jensen’s) shoes as the new Petticrow boss, by winning race four of the day….

However, due to his excellent racing since winning the first race, it is still Remy Arnaud FRA 396 from the Yacht Club La Baule, who leads the field.  We all await now for the three scheduled races today (Sunday), the forecast is good and more fun on the Lake should be had by all……..

Higher, Faster, Longer….   Stavros.