Today will see one of the largest entries (17 boats) take to the waters from Middle Island, Hong Kong, for their Dragon National Championships. Since arriving in this “Action Packed” town after a 25min train journey from the airport, I have seen some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. From my hotel room on the 25th floor overlooking the main harbour, the movement of lights from private cars, taxi’s and boats, is endless. In the huge skyscrapers that rise up to and above 100 floors in some cases, people from all over the world work very long hours to stay in touch due to time differences (8 hours ahead of the UK for example) with their business, banks, corperate operations etc…  It’s non stop activity and although obviously hard work everyone I’ve met seems extremely happy. Crime rate here in HK is extremely low as the public of all ages safely go about their lives with confidence and knowing security……  An amazing place to live & a privilege to visit.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s “spectacular” principle base is situated on Kellet Island overlooking Causeway Bay and acts as the parent site to the two smaller branches of the club at Shelter Cove (mainly cruisers) and Middle Island to the South. It is from Middle Island in Repulse Bay that the 17 Dragons will be based for the championship as it gives access to the main “Race Area” after a 40 minute sail to cross the main shipping lanes leading into Hong Kong. Sensible sailing and timing is of the essence as these huge tankers and various moving container carrying giants are safely negotiated as they steam full speed to their final destinations. The Captains are soon to let you know if they consider you are in their way, with loud blasts that make the most experienced of sailors jump to attention and usually drop the spinnaker, deciding to wait for a few minutes than to gamble on a “possible” crossing !!! 

The forecast is good for the weekend and the teams are ready for the 4 races planned for each day. Racing alongside Flying Fifteens and J 80’s the 17 Dragons can look forward to some great racing, and I will keep you all up to speed with the usual going’s on…………

Higher, Faster, Longer,         (a long way from Home!)     Stavros (HK 55).