Good Morning fellow sailors, here I am in sunny Monaco looking out at the cool, blue Mediterranean Sea, listening to the terrible news of the happening’s in Cairo, thinking how grateful I am to be here……  However, many of us fortunate Dragon campainers were surprised to be informed yesterday on our arrival, that racing for us does not begin until tomorrow (Friday). Of course had we taken the time to carefully scrutinise the notice of race it would have been clear that only the J80’s were starting today. But, if like many of us, you have been a regular visitor to the Primo Cup, 4 days of scheduled racing is a must ! As many years we have lost races through lack of wind and so to try to squeeze an event into 3 days is a little risky, still Hey Ho, what do I know………….  Well I tell you what I know, on occasions I have spent more time here in the “Stars n Bars” waiting for wind than actually racing…  So lets just see.

After a 30+ boat fleet at the “Ski Vol” regatta in Juan le Pins two weeks ago, it will be interesting to see how many Dragons turn up to participate in this “One Design” sailing spectacle…….. .. Normally Monaco brings in a good number for this very well sponsored and sociable event. There are some stunning prizes that can be won in some of the other classes (J 80’s, Surprise’s, J 24’s, Melges 20 & Esse 850).  With even bigger boats attending their own regatta next weekend. What a fantastic occasion………..

So for you “Arm Chair” winter Dragon Sailors, sit back and make yourselves comfy, put another log on the fire, top up your whisky glass and keep checking the IDA web site daily. As I try to keep the home page “alive” with the up to date daily happenings in our wonderful one design class……   

Higher, Faster, Longer, Waiting……    Stavros.  (IRL 207).