IMG_6062 (640x640)Overall Leader Lawrie Smith with Boris (the Blade) Bayer re-living the past together !!

Too much wind here in Kuhlungsborn cancelled all hopes of IRO Christian Haake to make the 3rd race of the 2015 Gold Cup possible. It was a great pity but extremely well justified as several heavy rain squalls continued through all afternoon here on land in Kuhlungsborn.. To even think of venturing out to sea for at least 4 to 5 miles was a simple “non-starter” for the 66 Dragons and indeed Haake made the most perfect decision.

Two races are now planned for tomorrow with the first warning signal at 11.00hrs. The races will still be full “Championship” courses with a Southerly wind forecast of 15 to 17 kts…   Watch this space for updates…..

Higher, Faster, Longer….   Stavros.  (with the two Dragon “Rolling Stones”) 🙂