We’re just waiting for the official results to come up on line but we can confirm that the winner of today’s opening race at the 2011 Dragon European Championship in Boltenhagen was Sweden’s Hans Leljeblad sailing SWE358.  Second place went to Martin Paisson in SWE341 with NED345 Reiner Wissenraet third and GER1096 Tommy Mueller fourth. Martin and Reiner are also Corinthian competitors and third place in the Corinthian Division went to Alex Helsen in BEL79 who also finished fifth overall so a great day for the Corinthian teams.

It took four attempts to get racing underway, three of which were under black flag.  As a result 18 boats were black flagged including a number of the favourites.  Among those who found themselves heading home early were Markus Wieser, Lars Hendriksen, Vasily Senatorov, Evgeny Brastlavets, Jose Matoso, Uli Libor, Dirk Oldenberg, Victor Fogelsen, Joergen Schoenherr, Tim Tavinor, Gavia Wilkinson-Cox and IDA Chairman Rob Campbell.

Official Results will be posted shortly on the NRV Website.

We’ll have an update for you from Stav in a while so stay tuned.