Top of the class for Martin Palsson, Goran Alm & Thomas Wallenfeldt. SWE 375.

SWE 375 helmed by Martin Palsson has thrown down the gauntlet to all comers who intend to take part in the next IDA Grade 1 event in Copenhagen, Denmark. With his Swedish team of Goran Alm and Thomas Wallenfeldt, they have taken on the best Danish Sailors and beat them in their own back yard!  Martin and his team can now add their Danish National Title to the Swedish Title won last August and the Norwegian Title won in September…  So definitely the top Scandinavian Team with all three National Titles! Well done SWE 375 a fantastic achievement.

With 18 boats competing over the May weekend of 11th-13th at the Skovshoved Sejlklub it was DEN 410 Jens Christensen with Thomas Schmidt & Andy Baggers who took 2nd place, followed by DEN 332 David Holm, Bo Selko & Jesper Baunsgaard in 3rd. (See Podium Photo).

The famous “Little Mermaid” sits by the waterside near the promenade of Copenhagen.

This iconic bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen will be there to greet all Dragon sailors who are taking part in the Grand Prix of Denmark, combined with the famous Marblehead Trophy, 27th June to 1st July.

Regatta Manager Mik Jensen has informed me that already there are 31 boats registered from 10 different Nations. The Dragor Sejlklub combined with the Dansk Sejlklub will host this prestigious event on great sailing waters just 10mins from Copenhagen Airport..

Principle organiser Thomas Schmidt told me “We still need a few more entries to meet our goal set at 40 boats, but I am sure we will get there”.  That would be fantastic Thomas, as we have seen 43 boats in Cannes followed by 40 entries in the recent Douarnenez Grand Prix.  So calling all Dragon Sailors, why not make the trip to Copenhagen and make this a Danish Grand Prix & Marblehead Trophy to remember !!

Higher, Faster, Longer………..    Stavros.   (I will be joining PRO Kim Elmegaard on the Committee Boat).