The top 3 teams FRA 391 Jean Breger 2nd, FRA 420 Stephane Baseden 1st, FRA  207  Fred Gourlaouen 3rd…

16 crews took part last weekend at this year’s edition (32nd) of the Drag’s Cup on lake Cazaux.
All fleets from France were represented : Deauville, Douarnenez, La Baule, Arcachon and Mediterranean
Perfect sailing conditions with winds ranging from 6-12 knots on the first day up to 18-22 knots on the 3rd day, as the storm “AMELIE” was approaching the south west atlantic coast of France.
Always great food in Cazaux, Steak, Oysters, Mussels, Cheese and fantastic regional Wine.
Last day (Sunday) was cancelled as the storm hit the area with gusts recorded at 85 knots !!
11 races were completed over 3 days with excellent race management.
3 crews competing “hard” at the front especially on the last day with a very tight final result.
hospitality by the club …oysters, wine, steaks…. as always.
Overall : an excellent Cazaux vintage !
Important information : the France Dragon National Open will take place in Cazaux next year on April 30th to May 3rd 2020 when weather conditions are usually favourable (with long days)
and a convenient stop for crews heading back north after winter series from  Portugal and Spain.
Higher, Faster, Longer……..     Stavros.
p.s.  Many congratulations to Stephane Baseden and his team onboard “Outlaw” for winning this event and for his report.