Philip Pechstein helming GBR767, had the best sailing day of his life yesterday after recording two 2nd places in race 3 and race 4 of the Grade 1 Juan Carlos Trophy in Cascais. It was another strong wind day with huge wind shifts that made the race course a tactical nightmare. In the first race Uli Libor SUI 307 followed Pechstein around the top mark after both boats had successfully started at the PIN end of the line and played the shifts on the left-hand-side of the 1.5 mile upwind leg. After setting spinnakers and surfing the waves it was Libor who had the inside berth at the right buoy of the gate, as both lead boats wanted to go to the left again on the second and final beat. Despite a tough battle Libor SUI 307 managed to keep his nose clear, so on the final run to the finish he took the winners gun by a whisker! GBR 767 was 2nd and POR 46 with Rui Boia at the helm a creditable 3rd place.

In the second race Philip Pechstein again elected to start at the PIN end, along with Tommy Muller GER 1123 and MON 2 Jens Rathsack. At the gun all boats were at full speed and sailed out to the favoured left-hand-side of the course. GBR 767 was soon able to cross the others and with the hiking power shown by it’s crew of Philipp Moses Blinn and Martin Payne 🙂 they were on course to lead at the top mark yet again. However, Tommy Muller and his “Bavarian Dream Team” Hoesch and Lip had other ideas and just rounded ahead of GBR 767 with MON 2 in third place. These three boats were soon able to pull well ahead of the fleet and despite trying their hardest neither Pechstein or Rathsack could catch Muller. So after the third and final beat they finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

On returning to the club moorings and changing out of wet clothes, the team of GBR 767 the “Bear”, were delighted to see they now lead the event after 4 races from POR 47 and GER 1123. For Philip Pechstein, who is still in his early days of Dragon Helming, it was a day to remember and his cheers of celebration can still be heard all around Portugal…..

Higher, Faster, Longer……     Stavros.    (GBR 767 the “BEAR”).