20160317_161222Winner Yevgeni Braslavets,  2nd placed Marcus Brennecke & 3rd place Marcus Wieser.

The first race of the 2016 Italian National Championships was sponsored by the Casino San Remo, who donated 2000e, 1000e & 500e worth of chips respectively for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place… 

20160317_161332 Current World Champion Yevgeni Braslavets holding his winning “stash” 🙂

The wind for the opening day was extremely “gusty” with huge shifts and big pressure changes, one minute you were sheeting hard in with full runner, the next you were sat almost becalmed as the fleet sailed around you…..

However, even though 6 boats of the 33 did not take part today it was an exciting race to begin the Championships. Race winner Yevgeni told me ” I am racing a 1969 wooden Borresen Dragon, that has been refurbished with loving care. We felt fast when the wind was strong, but a little slower in the lulls, most of the race we were 4th, but then kept left on the final beat and took the lead. Tonight we will take our “chips” to the Casino” !  Yevgeni was crewed by Sergiy Timokhov and Oleksandr Myrchuk.


Tomorrow this 1973 “Fiat” 500 is a Lottery Prize! Yes, a Lottery Prize.. so Theis Palm & I checked it out….(we got out through the sun roof)  🙂



2nd place today was Marcus Bennecke, sailing with Theis Palm & Jochen Schumann. 3rd was Marcus Wieser, with Sergey Pugachev & Diego Negri.

20160317_155916 (2)

Here are the hard working “Girls” in the San Remo Office, making sure the event runs smoothly.

Tomorrow will hopefully see 2 or 3 races as the wind is forecast to drop a little, then the evening  party will see a “Lottery” with one lucky Dragon Sailor driving away a lovely 1973 Fiat 500…. what a prize !!

Higher Faster Longer……………..    Stavros.   (GBR 789).