Objects of the Association

To further the interests of the International Dragon Class in all countries where Dragons are sailed and to introduce the Class to new countries.

To be responsible for the administration of the class rules and coordinating proposals for rule amendments for consideration by the World Sailing.

To ensure that the class retains its “International” status by complying with the criteria adopted by the World Sailing.

To co-ordinate and select venues for the following International Championships:

1. World Championships
2. European Championships
3. Gold Cups

To produce regular Yearbooks containing information about the Class and the activities of the IDA for distribution to all Dragon sailors throughout the world (to be distributed by National Dragon Associations).

General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall take place in October or November on a date, which precedes the annual meeting of the ISAF. Unless otherwise agreed at the preceding Annual General Meeting, the meeting shall take place in London.