The Italian Circuit is in full swing with already 2 great events first in San Remo, then Alassio (above).
Here is a round up from Tatiana that should “wet” the appetite of Dragon Sailors all over Europe 🙂

Dragon’s Bella Vita in Italy

A week ahead of one of the major events of the international Dragon’s calendar this year, the European Championship in Hungary, we believe it is a good time to flashback on Dragon life on one of the most charming sailing Riviera’s in the Med – our beloved Ligurian coast.

Yes, we would like to look back and pay tribute to the extraordinary hospitality we have already experienced in San Remo and Alassio this spring and anticipate the upcoming events in Imperia in June and the culmination of this Italian circuit – the Grand Prix San Remo in September.

For many of us, San Remo has been a fixed date within the past years, and the proud number of 40 entries this year just proved one more time that it is every single time worth returning to this town of flowers. You cannot help feeling that Dragons are more than welcome here… everybody is doing their utmost, starting from the registration desk with Antonella, Lilly and Tatiana, continuing with PRO Fulvio Parodi on PRC boat on the water and Beppe Zaoli, the President of the Club himself, taking care of setting of the weather mark ( how often do you see a President of the Club taking it so personally??), Umberto addressing all the needs of the participants and managing all the challenges that come up… and, of course, the words of glory would not be complete without paying tribute to the awesome food of Jimmy and hospitality of Adriana. You have to confess: when you come to San Remo, you feel as if you were back home, sweet home!

Tatiana & Lilly make sure everything runs smoothly with their superb organisational skills (photo from San Remo).

While all is clear what we expect and get from San Remo, Alassio appeared to be a hidden jewel – a tent of a club, very slim organizing team around Ennio Polzano … But what an event!!!…. Impeccable race management on the water by PRO Maurizio Buscemi in extreme weather conditions, conducting fair racing and completed a sound series. Onshore hospitality of Enzio with focaccia and frizzantino in the morning and unbelievable Apericena ( a word we all should integrate into our active lexicon: Aperi- Aperitiv & Cena-Dinner) … lots and lots of delicious food, open bar with tap beer, wine, spumante and prosecco and open-end cocktails with fair portion of “good” liquid inside… a lottery!! Where almost no team went home without a lottery win… … and last but not least… have you seen Alassio’s entry list and final results??? The Creme de la Creme of our fleet were fighting hard for the podium. There were not so many entries, but the top of the international ranking were all there… One more reason to return to Alassio next year, for sure.

Many of the best sailors in the World enjoyed Alassio and will soon be returning to more Italian events.

Now, I would like to draw your attention to two more events ahead of us this year to take part on the Ligurian coast.   First of the two is the Italian…. in Imperia mid-June, 15-17.06. I know, for those of you who participate in Europeans and then continue to GP in Denmark this might appear to be out of the way. The Organizers are already aware of not perfect timing of the event and promised to offer a much better matching schedule for the next year. However, for those of you who has not decided yet, or is either not going up north or eager to come back – the Yacht Club Imperia is promising to do it its utmost not to let you regret your decision… so, with some time still to fix your racing plans, have a breath and have a thought about Imperia – Italian Riviera in June is just a crown jewel of coastal racing combined with Bella Vita ashore.

Last, but not least, and in fact our major focus of attention – the final IDA Grade 1 Grand Prix in San Remo in September. The Organisers have fine tuned the schedule, placing registration on September 11&12 and racing, as initially quoted in IDA calendar, 13-16 September. I suggest, you better go and book your apartment without delay so you can secure your accommodation next to your favourite restaurant). For those of you, who were not part of the spring event in San Remo it would be interesting to get aware of the special prize that will be awarded among those participating in both Grand Prix San Remo and Regates Royal. This is a mutual initiative of the clubs, focused at attracting as many entries as possible and being aware of the proximity of the dates that were assigned by IDA to GP for the reason of very busy calendar this year. With live tweets from the race course, videos from starting and finish lines as well as all mark rounding’s, accompanied by perfect photo coverage the event will be easiest to follow for your dearest at home and ashore. Social events are planned at extent and much thought and creativity are invested now by the Organisers to enlighten the participants with some new, even more attractive highlights of the social programme ashore.

So, do not hesitate, just click on the link of the IDA calendar to register for the upcoming events to catch your bit of Italian Bella Vita….

Tatiana with a little help from Stavros.      🙂

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