Lets start with Chairman of the race committé – Kerstin Holmberg
This is the 10th time GKSS arranges the Dragon Gold Cup since 1930 when it was held for the first time but it’s 19 years since the last time.

What experience do you have of big sailing events?
“I ‘ve been working with sail racing since 1997 both as Race Officer and Chairman Organising Committee. Not yet international though. I organized the Europeans in Off Shore Racing 2 years ago” Your best qualities to get this job done? “I’m a good organizer with a background as teacher and researcher. I’ve a Ph.D in Zoology and am an ethologist; a person who knows about animal behavior. I want order and structure and think it’s important to have everything in hand. I work as a lecturer at the university and am used to talking to an audience and have always dealt with people”. How do you get everyone to work together? “We have volunteers from 18 to 70 years old. It’s fantastic to see how they all work together and how there different experience and competences come together”. What could you teach others? “Co-operation”! Are they willing to learn? “Oh yes”! How has it worked out so far? “Just great! Everyone is really fantastic”! Your best sailing memory? “-I’ll have to think about that”. Any racing events next year. “Nothing definite yet but I wouldn’t mind organizing some big event”.