Hello to you all out there from a rain & wind swept Douarnenez…  As nature has it’s say and a huge “low” pressure continues to circle North-West Europe, the 60+ boat Dragon Fleet can only sit and wait for a change in the weather. Yesterday it was impossible to sail and so the PRO had no option but to cancell all racing, as Noah prepared another “Ark” just in case God called upon him once again to save the world……. 🙂

After such a great first day of racing (which I explained in the Video), it was a pity that a full day was lost. However, although today’s conditions do not offer much of a change, this windy “front” is moving through and the prospects are good for the remainder of the week. There is a Skippers Meeting at noon today so all will be revealed then, but it’s good to know that on Tuesday (which normally is a lay day) racing can take place…  So even if we lose a second day of racing today, two more races can be sailed on Tuesday to complete the series. 

We all pray that by the time the remaining 20 odd boats are craned in for the start of the Grade 1 Grand Prix on Wednesday the weather will hopefully be perfect for this spectacular and extremely well organised event!

Higher, Faster, Longer……..   but a little damp & cold…     Stavros. (USA 310).