c2Fog in Cazaux has been frustrating the 25 teams gathered for the Drag’s Cup 2016.

Unfortunately the high pressure over most of France has produced thick morning fog which then requires the sun to burn it off before normal visibility is resumed. Although the fog did lift yesterday afternoon, the wind did not arrive :-(


25 teams wait patiently in the warm conditions on Lake Cazaux, but the wind never came…

However, the high spirits of the sailors and the “fun” social programme made for a great evening as they enjoyed welcome drinks at 7pm followed by “Landaise” salad (a salad with smoked duck & cheese).  In addition there was “Garbure” (Local soup with vegetables & Bayonne ham) more Duck then Apple Tart to finish…  all washed down with some local Bordeaux Wine :-) 


It’s feet up and a relaxing time as the wait continues for wind….

Despite every effort there was simply nothing Principal Race Officer Yves Leglese could do as the conditions did not allow….

Lets hope for some wind this afternoon……. fingers crossed.

Higher, Faster, Longer………..    Stavros.