Yes, Yes, Campers, Many thanks for all your heart-felt replies and comments re “Coach Boat’s”.  It’s a topic that we could and may discuss until the “Cows come Home”.. sorry that’s a West Country saying!  But the messsage has been heard and listen too…….  🙂

Now that I have your attention, I would just like to say that I really consider Transbunker to be good for the class..  Firstly, they have injected some very important sponsorship money into many main events…  Secondly, because they elected to sail the Dragon, recognising that our wonderful “one design” keelboat is in a class of it’s own….  Not only sailed by the some of the best sailors in the world, but also who’s itinerary is second to none! Feast your eye’s on the IDA Fixture List for 2012…  It’s amazing where we go….

So when Marcus Wieser approached me today as the RC 44’s elected to wait for the wind to fill in before taking their weary bodies back out onto the 20+ kt “Race Track”.. I was very pleased to hear him say that Transbunker will not be putting a “Coach” into their Support Boat from now on..  This will start in Douarnenez and carry on through 2012..  Now don’t get me wrong, they will still have their R.I.B. (as any of us can) helping to tow them out to the race course, provide food and water and even carry spare sails etc… BUT they will no longer put a top “Olympic” Coach in the boat to enhance their chances….

Now many of you will say, “Come on Stavros, they will still have an advantage on most of us”.  “Yes”, I will say…  That still maybe the case, but they are not alone, other Dragons (Russia & Germany for example), have “support boats” so we cannot complain too much….

However, what it means to me is that Transbunker are “Making an Effort!” and we should all acknowledge this, they have a team of 3 boats, so it is not unreasonable that they all eat together of an evening..  They like to discuss how the day’s sailing went, just like us…  Plus many of their sailors do not speak a word of English, so I am not surprised they feel a little uncomfortable answering questions and defending a variety of accusations…  🙂

So in closing as I dress into my training kit for another 4 mile hike, (damm this weight limit) Let’s cut Transbunker a little slack and be grateful for their contribution to Dragon’s!

Higher, Faster, Longer…….      Stavros.   (GBR 767)    “Bear”.


2 thoughts on “To Coach or not to Coach…. “That is the Question”….

  1. I was also talking to Markus the other day in Cascais, and I am glad Transbunker is making an effort not to upset Dragon sailors.
    We allways hear people say how unfair is their program, but truth is I am very sure that if they didn’t have any coach boat at all, they would still win simply because they are fantastic sailors.
    I think the reason Dragon class is so sucsessful is beacause we can find a great wide range of sailors and the fact that there are so many Olympic medalist and various classes World Champions, makes other sailors delighted to mesure their skills against the best of the best!
    I recall the first race at the Gold Cup in Ostende wouldnt have felt so good to win if some sailors like the Bunker team were not sailing in the fleet.. Well done for that Teddy!!! Or the Baileys with Rachel and Dylan fighting for the Cup till the last moment and winning the Corinthian trophy being 4th overall after a bad last race.
    The day Tranbunker decides to quit the Dragons our racing will not be the same as we will not have the chance to beat the best of the best!
    So let’s try to keep this sailors along instead….

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