It was another wonderful day of sailing in Portugal yesterday, with Dolphins often playing along side the Dragons with such grace and precision. The wind was more from the west and although it’s pressure was often changing between 6 to 10 kts, the wave patterns made steering dificult. Top British Sailor Graham Bailey helming GBR 720 “Amiee” had a fantastic day recording two “Wins”.  Graham told me later in the bar that even with all his years of experience and success helming a variety of boats all over the world, that even he had to keep the helm extention “locked” against the side of the deck, so that he made very minimal movements of the rudder. “The conditions were Sub-hull speed” Graham said, so I said “What does that mean” ?  Graham explained “If you are at hull speed you don’t go any faster, but when the wind is lighter and the waves are difficult, the dragons are Sub-hull speed, so the speed differentials are greater”…… So that explains everything, right? 🙂

Meanwhile the winner of the middle race was HUN 57 helmed by Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi. Ferenc has great speed in the light to medium conditions and he too, like Graham, is a superb helmsman. Also showing why he has won so many top events, including the Worlds a few years ago in Dublin, was Tommy Muller GER 1123. Tommy put together three consistent results of 5th, 8th and 3rd which now takes him and his “Bavarian Dream Team” to the top of the leaderboard by 4pts, with just one race to sail. Moving up close behind Tommy are two local boats POR 55 Jose Matoso and POR 50 Pedro Mendes Leal. Both had super days yesterday so now are 2nd and 3rd respectively overall, well done.

With just one race to go (as I already mentioned), it would take something extreme to happen for the winner of the Juan Carlos Trophy not to come from one of these three boats. So I am sure Tommy’s tactician Vincent Hoesch will keep a “very” watchful eye on where the other two contenders start and be all over them like a “cheap suit” …..   🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer…..      Stavros.  (GBR 767).